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Lido Beach Resort Opatija

  • Name of the project

    Lido Beach Resort Opatija

  • Project Details

    Investor: Bevanda Lido d.o.o.
    Gross building area: 2.200 m2

  • Construction duration

    Commencement date: April 2015.
    Completion date: 01.07.2015.

  • Location


Project details

Building of a beach facility in Opatija along the promenade and Angiolina park, in the vicinity of hotels and villas (Hotel Bevanda, Hotel Kvarner, Villa Amalia and Museum Villa Angiolina). The sole location determines a high level of organisation during the project realisation. The initial step was the demolition of existing facilities while the further process of construction on 6.500 sqm included the adjustment of the parcel surface, horticulture and the complete development of the new infrastructure. On the groundfloor there are pavillons equipped with further amenities: toilet facilities, showers, staff and guests changing rooms, bar, restaurant, outdoor pool and sun decks above the seashore. The roof of the building is constructed as a walkway and is enriched with greenery, serving as a raised walking trail above the beach.

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