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Seafront In Rožat

  • Name of the project

    Seafront In Rožat

  • Project Details

    Investor: City of Dubrovnik

  • Construction duration

    Commencement date: July 2019
    Completion date: February 2020

  • Location


Project details

Works on the reconstruction of the seafront in Rožat began in July 2019. The project was made by BSc of Civil Engineering, mr. Ivo Matković, following the conceptual design of Fr. Josip Sopta. City of Dubrovnik, as the Investor, provided funds for the project.

The investment prevented further deterioration of the seafront damaged by the river on its foundations. The concrete shore wall was completely cracked while the stone seafront in the western part was almost completely collapsed. The rehabilitation of the coast was car-ried out by first building a new coastal wall, and than the stone coast was completely re-stored.

Work was done on arranging the entire coastline with vertical coastal walls. At the front of the new wall, in the western part, the existing stone shore is restored in its existing form with stone blocks, which were previously dismantled, after the construction of vertical coastal walls of molded concrete were re-installed, with the supply and installation of missing stone elements existing type of stone paving.

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